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Carbide Tool Works Ltd. was founded back in 1964 by Andy Potomak. First located on Venables Street in Vancouver, the factory primarily manufactured carbide into a variety of carbide-tipped circular saws for Canada’s resource-based industries along with providing machine shop services on metal lathes and milling machines.

Twenty years later in 1984, Andy’s son Steve took over as president. Under Steve’s direction, the company expanded in factory size by moving locations to offer more services, with the latest technology to meet a growing need for carbide cutting tools, drills, and diamond wheels. In 1988 the factory relocated from Vancouver to the Port Kells Industial area in Surrey, expanding its operations yet again.

In 2008 due to other interests, and the economic downturn in the economy, Steve sold Carbide Tool Works to long-time employee Hagen Tilgner. Having worked on the factory floor as well as in sales and management for 25 years, Hagen knew all the facets of the business. It was rather a risky move to buy a company in an economic downturn, when similar businesses were closing, but Hagen didn’t want to pass up on a business opportunity. Hagen changed the name to Carbide Tool Works (2008) Ltd. and began economizing all areas of the company.

Carbide Tool Works (2008) Ltd. has since acquired the services of a “state of the art” heat treating facility, new technology to better compete in the global marketplace, and expanded its industrial saw manufacturing services. We are the sole manufacturer of The Council of Forest Industries plywood cutters (COFI).

Carbide Tool Work (2008) Ltd. continues to provide professional sharpening, design and repair of carbide tipped cutting tools for a multitude of industries. As well as investing in new technology and partnerships with other businesses producing products which improve the performance and service life of carbide cutting tools.

We are a Canadian distributor for:

 Eagle Superabrasives

 FS Tool

 Dimar Canada Ltd.

 Colonial Saw

 Precision Machinery

 Raptor Nails

 Monster Tools

Our staff is always eager to provide a cost effective solution to all of your cutting needs.

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