IWF Atlanta

We are very excited about our first exhibit at the Atlanta International Woodworking Fair 2016 in Atlanta Georgia, August 24-Aug 27.   http://iwf16.mapyourshow.com/7_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.cfm?ExhID=19877

We have prepared our Auto-Brazer for shipping and will be doing demonstrations in Building B, booth 8461.



Looking forward to the BC Saw Filer’s Convention

Carbide Tool Works (2008) Ltd is preparing for the #BCsawfilersconvention in Kamloops at
The Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre​ April 29-30. Stop by Booth #22 for a
demonstration of our Automatic Brazing Machine.    http://bcsawfilers.com/news/

JunZhi Auto Brazer 079

Pretinning Tips Manually

The majority of our saws are tipped on the automatic tipper, however there are times when we are required to pretin the carbide ourselves. We start with metal plates and layout the carbide. It is necessary to keep  a margin of space around the outside edges, as the silver solder on the outside carbide tips will  melt, or “puddle” sooner than ones closer to the centre.  Next we put a dab of black flux on the side of the carbide tip that will be brazed to the saw, then we apply a piece of silver solder. The tips are fired in a kiln until the silver solder puddles, once cooled they are tumbled in a rock tumbler to be cleaned , they are then ready to be brazed onto a saw by hand.